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If you are concerned about booking a crewed yacht charter post Irma and Marie, then don’t be. Yes, if you have been before, it will be a different experience but not for the worse – it will allow you to see BV Islanders in a new light – they are resourceful, thankful and above all grateful for visitors as their income will go towards building a better and more beautiful BVI.

The seas are blue, the beaches are beautiful, the weather is warm and the drinks are cold!

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Why book your charter with Best of BVI Boats? In this day and age it’s very easy to book vacations directly yourself using the internet. You can research and refine your choices until you end up with the ideal charter - or is it? No matter how much confidence you have in your choice there is always that niggling doubt - will the boat be as advertised, are the crew as helpful as promised? That's where we can help you...
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We have personally been onboard every yacht we recommend and met and chatted with all the skippers and chefs. When you contact us we won’t just send you a list of available boats, we will take time to match your wishes with the best yacht and crew for you. We also are based here in the BVI, so should you have a last minute request - need the measurements of a bed, organize a birthday cake - we can “pop” down to the boat and fulfil your request.

We will go that extra mile to ensure your BVI vacation is exactly what you expect with no hidden surprises - unless of course it’s that surprise birthday cake!

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crewed yacht charters in the british virgin islands
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